Why We Serve

Our IOP Fellows engaged with members of the Florida Legislature as part of our “Why We Serve” initiative. This initiative, led by our Fellows, gives us a platform to share the motivators and drive that led our legislators into their role in public service. As an organization focused on promoting civic engagement in politics, we’re grateful for our legislators who sat down with IOP Fellows, giving them the opportunity to ask meaningful questions and receive valuable advice first-hand. By connecting with legislators getting to the root of “Why We Serve,” these videos serve as a source of inspiration, motivation, and guidance to our young leaders.

Our first video features two notable Florida State University alumni, Chairman of the Republican Party of Florida, State Sen. Joe Gruters (R-Sarasota), and Florida Senate Minority Leader, State Sen. Gary Farmer (D-Ft. Lauderdale).

“Now that I am serving, I am so much happier that I chose to go down this path because it is incredibly rewarding with the opportunities you are able to experience and the help you are able to give people that you care about.”

Senator Gruters

“We can be diametrically opposite when it comes to the merits of a bill, but we don’t have to be insulting or condescending when we ask questions or do debate…As long as we are expressing those disagreements in a respectful way, that’s what this process is supposed to be about.”

Senator Farmer

Check back for more as we release new videos in our series.