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The State of the Union: Checks and Balances Edition with Andrew Rudalevige


The event will be held in the DeVoe Moore Conference Center in the Bellamy Building.

On March 1, President Joe Biden delivers the annual State of the Union address. But what is the state of our constitutional system of checks and balances? Over time, presidents have exercised increasing power, some of it delegated by Congress, some of it assumed unilaterally. From the war powers to executive orders, how has the Biden administration grappled with the inheritance of its predecessors? When is presidential power legitimate, and when is it problematic? Can an often invisible Congress regain its prerogatives vis-à-vis the imperial presidency?

Event Details

March 4, 2022
6:00 pm

DeVoe Moore Conference Center in the Bellamy Building!m/376320?ct/32620,32613,33494